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For those who are new to small hole EDM

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I think that everyone uses tools such as awls and drills when "making a hole in something".
However, if you want to make a much smaller hole, for example, a very small hole that is invisible to the naked eye less than the thickness of a hair, or a thin and deep hole, you can use a "discharge theory" instead of a tool. ” processing technology can make holes more easily.
Elenix Co., Ltd. is a company that develops and sells specialized equipment for drilling ultra-fine holes using this "electrical discharge" processing technology.
ELENIX is a equipment manufacturer specializing in small hole electric discharge machines.

The company was established in 1985. More than 30 years ago, we developed the first small-hole electric discharge machine, and delivered it to our customer at the beginning of the following year.
Since then, we have been striving to improve our technology, and have taken on the challenge of "highly difficult" and "high-precision" small-hole electric discharge machining. I am active.

All small-hole EDMs, which incorporate the best of our technology, are "customized equipment" that can be freely configured to meet the needs of each customer.
Since our establishment, we have been providing equipment that can 100% meet the needs and demands of our customers because of our customized equipment.

There are a wide variety of fields that require fine hole electrical discharge machining, such as "aviation", "automobiles", "railroads", "medical care", "electronics", and "pharmaceuticals".
Ellenix will continue to refine its technology so that it can be useful to everyone in various fields. We continue to thank you.