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Company Profile

Corporate history

1985Established ELENIX in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Changed to a corporate organization and established "Elenix Co., Ltd."
1986Started OEM supply to Amada Co., Ltd.
1991Established and relocated the head office building in Komatsubara, Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
1992Partnered with CurrentEDM in the U.S. and started OEM supply
1993Increased capital to 15 million
1994Started sales of automatic electrode/guide exchange NC fine hole
1998Achieved sales of 1,000 units
2001Started sales of immersion type tilt rotary table
2002Started sales of fine functions for φ0.03mm
2005Started sales of electrical discharge sintering equipment
Received the 30th Matsubara Invention Award
2010Commencement of sales of the GT series of creation processing machines
CE standard compatible GT400EUX sales start
Started sales of multi-discharge sintering equipment (5-axis)
2012Equipped with penetration detection function
2014Established ELENIX KOREA in Korea
2016Laser discharge hybrid FXL series announced
2018Singapore branch opened
2020Established "Saitama Factory" in Shiraoka City, Saitama Prefecture
Commissioned manufacturing (design and assembly business) started
2022Ended OEM supply to AMADA CO., LTD.
Started sales collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (-M series)
2023Started sales of models equipped with the new controller E-CNCIII